Electrochemichal Workstations

Rotating Ring-Disk Electrode and Rotating Disk Electrode – RRDE and RDE

Electrochemical_Workstations_Rotating_DiskEquipment: Electrochemical work station – (a) digital potentiostat or (b) a bi-potentiostat Model 366, EG&G/Princeton Applied Research, coupled to a computer for data acquisition thought suitable software; Faraday cage; conventional electrochemical cells.

Rotation system for the RDE and RRDE: (c) model 616 RDE EG&G Park. The rotation system includes adaptors for the conventional electrodes.


Conventional Electrochemistry

Conventional _Electrochemistry

Equipment: The equipment available in the GEI to perform the conventional electrochemical techniques includes several digital and analogical systems:

    • CHI Electrochemical Analyser – 600A, 600D and 604D, controlled by computers thought a CHI software. Faraday cage.
    • Potentiostat/galvanostat Model 273A, Princeton Applied Research, controlled by a computer.
    • IMT 102 electrochemical interface, with a potentiostat DEA 332, Radiometer Copenhagen, coupled to a computer for data acquisition thought the Volta Master 2 VM2 program.
    • Electrochemical cells: one compartment (Teflon), two or three compartments glass cells, with three-electrodes.
    • Analogic potentiostats/galvanostat/voltage integrator: Standard Potentiostat Wenking ST72, Potentio-Galvano-Scan Wenking PGS 81R, Voltage scan generator Wenking Model VSG72, Voltage integrator EVI80 (Bank Elektronik)
    • x-y recorders, e.g. Omnigraphic 2000 Recorder, Houston Instrument.

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